WordPress Services

What is WordPress?

As a business owner who wants to increase their web presence, I’m sure other companies have thrown out a lot of terms at you that may or may not make sense: HTML, PHP, CSS, SEO, among others. So how can we prevent a lot of the confusion that comes with creating and maintaining a website? One incredibly helpful resource is WordPress: WordPress is an online source that allows its users to manage and update content, whether it be a blog or a website, with ease and zero coding required.

How does Server Bays use WordPress?

As those who have attempted coding will surely tell you, it can be a daunting and tedious process if you have little experience in the field.

That’s why here at Serverbays, we regularly utilize WordPress for our projects. We create the structure and aesthetics of the site by using HTML and other coding languages. Then, we convert your site to WordPress, which allows us to adjust and edit the content on your site, without the hassle of sifting through the code. Another benefit of WordPress is that you can make changes to your own site, without the need for a background in coding or computer programming. A helpful notch in WordPress’s belt is the plug-in feature. A plug-in is a tool that allows an administrator of a website to automatically install a feature to their site with zero hassle. One example would be a “contact page” plug-in, which creates a contact page for your site, with zero coding and zero hassle.

WordPress Conversion

If you have an already existing PSD or HTML site, we will happily convert it to WordPress, so you can edit or change the content of the site with little effort!

Plug-in Creation

We will code WordPress plugins from scratch: meaning that even if you want something specific to your site, we will personally create one for you.

Theme Creation

While WordPress templates can work well, we offer the ability to create and customize a WordPress theme specifically to your liking!

WordPress Website

If you love all the features that WordPress has to offer, and are interested in using it for a project or business, but don’t know where to look, we offer complete, full service WordPress custom design, setup, and management.