Network Design & Implementation

Your Devices Deserve a Better Network

Let our network engineers design your business a redundant and fast network that allows devices to preform at their full potential. Have up to 40Gbps of redundant fiber pairs between network distribution rooms to ensure your employees and staff are never held back.

Loop Detection

Frustrated with loops in your network? Our software in combination with Avaya’s SLPP provides an easy way to find and stop loops. Get notified exactly where the loops occur.

Network Segmentation

Keeping your systems on separate networks is vital to network security. Our experts can easily segment your voice, data, video, and different departments on their own secure networks.

Instant Fail-Over

Let’s be honest—no matter how good a network is there can always be a weak point. If a fiber breaks the whole network goes down. With Server Bays, we can implement a network that stays up, even when something goes down.